Friday, October 29, 2010

Day 13 Restoration

We're staying until we're finished.

Dennis Carr and friend Donna Persico.

Stephanie Farrell sings commercial "Take Me to Friendly's"

Night painting on Main Street, Manayunk...note the car headlights on the left.

Painting or exercising???????????

Stephanie waits out a passing shower.

And then there was the accident which I do believe was caused by a driver distracted by the mural.

Stephanie continues to sing.

...and she sang so much she began to cry.

A proud Jim Lamont.

Such a big job for such a little lady!

So happy to be a part of it all.

So happy to be a MANAYUNKER!  We truly are unique in all the's about the love and remembrance.

The Abington crew (Matt Wilkinson)

Pamela Wilkinson

Jim Lamont said to Stephanie and Donna: "Ya know ladies I'm just staying here tonight to protect you."  A second later he said, "But ya know, I think Stephanie could kick my ass!"

Thank you...

It is done except for a rose to be painted behind Gary Farrell's shield by Ashley Persico.

Final touch-ups by Jim Lamont.

Thank you...

Thank you....